Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About HIV/AIDS?

December 1st is World AIDS day. The syndrome, affecting over 35 million people across the globe, has long been the source of confusion, panic, and myths. But how much do you really know about this heartbreaking issue? Take our quiz to test your knowledge about HIV/AIDS. To learn more about HIV/AIDS,  read the United States […]

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Palliative Care Offers Life-Extending Effects: Not a Death Panel

A person recently diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness may bristle at the suggestion of palliative care.

Palliative Care Offers Life-Extending Effects Not a Death Panel

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4 Non-Traditional Ways to Meditate That Really Work

The zone. Flow state. Transcendence. Regardless of whatever it’s called, everyone from billionaire CEOs to professional athletes to college-aged kids are trying to reach the ultimate plane of efficiency and calm. In recent years, taking up a regular meditation practice has been the (somewhat) conventional answer to clearing the mind and easing people into a flow state. […]

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The Kempner Rice Diet: Whipping Us Into Shape

Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought us through the Great Depression and World War II; who knows how history would have been different had he not died in his fourth term as President from a massive stroke. In the following days and months, we learned that Roosevelt had suffered from severe high blood pressure for years. In […]

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The 7 Surprising Ways Being Kind Makes You Healthier and Happier

Being nice or kind is often touted as a way to do something good for someone else. But in addition to helping others, being kind turns out to be just as good for the person extending the kindness as for the person receiving it, if not more so. Here are 7 surprising ways being kind […]

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