Couple Colonoscopy is NOT a Thing!

I concede that couple colonoscopy does not have the same ring as a couples massage but…

Why not schedule your colonoscopy at the same time?

Of course only if you have 2 bathrooms would this work

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Is Your Job Hazardous to Your Heart?

We know that a steady diet of donuts, double bacon cheeseburgers and pizzas can be bad for your heart. What you may not know is that what you do for a living could raise your risk of heart disease and stroke. A recent WebMD article notes that middle-aged employees working in sales, office or food […]

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Top 12 Foods that Cause Inflammation

Everyday foods like bacon, eggs, coffee and dairy products are linked to inflammation. That might not sound like a big deal, but consider the fact that most chronic conditions like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity have been linked to inflammation. Low grade inflammation is a factor in most health issues.  And if you suffer a pain […]

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