3 Uses for the Pill Besides Preventing Pregnancy

The birth control pill works in a few different ways to prevent pregnancy. It stops ovulation by shutting down the communication between the brain and the ovary.

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3 Uses for the Pill Other than Preventing Pregnancy

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Why Is Skin Cancer So Common Among Young Women?

Skin cancer comes in several forms: melanoma — the most serious — and others like basal and squamous cell carcinomas. All of these are becoming more and more common, especially among young women.

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Why Skin Cancer Is so Common Among Young Women

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7 Ways to Celebrate Female Sexuality

“How do you want to feel when you’re fully present in your sexual power?” That’s one of the questions that sex coach, sex educator and activist Dawn Serra suggested women ask themselves to shed the expectations and shame put upon them and move toward embracing their sexuality. “Celebrating your sexuality is about knowing yourself intimately […]

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IUD Insertion: A Pinch, a Poke, or a Serious Ouch?

IUD insertion is different for everyone—some say it’s not a big deal, but studies have shown that for between 10% and 20% of women, pain during insertion can be severe. Unfortunately, a 2013 study found that health care providers often underestimate how much pain their patients experience during insertion. That’s not to say that providers are insensitive […]

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