Your Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Skin From the Summer Sun

Even though we know that flossing our teeth is good for us, it can take many years before we develop the habit. Sun smarts may be the same.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Protect Your Skin From the Summer Sun

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Yoga and Sex: How to Increase Your Libido, Naturally

One day, while writing at the coffee shop, I found myself within earshot of two women discussing ways of improving their sex drive. The two women appeared to be on their lunch break, they were of the professional caliber, wearing business power-suits and multitasking with their smart phones. The discussion varied from eating oysters to doing kegels during conference calls. The […]

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10 Reasons to Love Beets

Beets are among the best superfoods.  They are packed with nutrition and healing properties. Not counting their delicious taste and incredible versatility, here are 10 reasons to love these delicious darlings of the vegetable kingdom. Lowers High Blood Pressure: New research on June 30, 2016 in the medical journal Nitric Oxide found that drinking beet […]

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What To Do if You Are Refused Birth Control

The get-away weekend we planned would be picture perfect: three days in a cozy guesthouse near the ocean. Day hikes tracing the tracks of a moose through the snow. Evenings with board games by the warmth of a woodstove. Nights cozied up under layers of woolen blankets, our tired legs tangled up to share warmth. […]

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