Which hysteroctomy procedure should I have for a cervical dysplasia level 3?

I’m 44 years old and my doctor recently diagnosed me with cervical dysplasia level 3, one level away from cancer. I had LEEP last week, but results came back with some of the cells at the margin.

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Wi-Fi Ranks Higher in Importance Than Sex, Chocolate and Alcohol

Is it any wonder that wireless internet access is now among one of the most basic necessities for many modern day humans? According to a new report from Wi-Fi connectivity provider iPass, Wi-Fi is more than just something we prefer to have 24/7 in our everyday lives — it now actually ranks higher on average than some of the most pleasurable luxuries […]

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Are Guys Big Whiners or is Hormonal Birth Control for Men Actually Ineffective?

A new study about a male birth control shot was recently released, but it’s safe to say this method will not be marketed as the first new birth control for guys since the middle ages. Why not? A couple of reasons, but not the ones many of the headlines are emphasizing. Yes, there were side effects A lot of the coverage of […]

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8 Health Benefits of Laughter

Is there anything better than a contagious giggle that you absolutely can’t control? (Ok, maybe not so good in school or church.) Laughter works wonderfully well in the moment, but it also has some surprising long-term health benefits. In the book A Better Brain at Any Age: The Holistic Way to Improve Your Memory, Reduce […]

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i had a cesarean section delivery last year sep. i was having complete placentra praevea after that i find my period every 2nd week , doctor medicate me with 21 day course and i dint bleed after that again the same problem started

I’m quit worried
Someone said it can be uterus cancer. Suggest me please

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