Brest cancer

I found out today I have stage 3 invasive breast cancer. I’m so worried because I also have a stage 4 kidney disease. How in the world can they treat this?


Addressing the ‘Taboo” of Testicular Cancer

Breaking down the walls of this typically “taboo” topic, a current media spotlight on testicular cancer has begun to widely open the conversation for both men and women, about the nondiscriminatory an

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7 Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos (literally translated from Afrikaans to mean “red bush”) tea is derived from leaves that are only grown in the Cederburg, a small mountain range in South Africa’s Western Cape. While this naturally sweet herbal tea has been consumed and loved by South Africans for centuries, it has recently become popular in trendy American and European cafes.

Indigenous Khoisan people were the first to forage rooibos leaves after noting its many health and wellness benefits. Here’s why you should be following their example.

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Natural Sources of Electrolytes

“Electrolytes” might sound like some futuristic sci-fi robot, but they’re actually very real compounds that have a great impact on the human body. They’re mostly associated with issues of dehydration, which is why many energy and sports drinks promise to deliver big doses of them. Any time your body loses fluids, you’ll also lose electrolytes, which is why restoring them is important—and why knowing natural sources of them is essential.

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