6 Awesome Benefits of Celery — and Recipes!

When I was a kid, it seemed like my mother added celery to everything: potato salad, egg salad, stew, soup, and casseroles. Celery stuffed with cream cheese appeared on every vegetable tray, and sticks cozied next to carrots for snacks.

This crunchy green vegetable is often overlooked or thought of as just “diet food.” Yet celery (which belongs to the Apiaceae family, as does its cousin, celery root) is much more than a diet food or the crunch in a salad. The stalks have medicinal value as well as culinary and nutritional ones, and it’s about time we talk about why more celery should be on the menu.

Excerpt from http://www.care2.com/greenliving/6-awesome-benefits-of-celery-and-recipes.html