4 Foods That Can Improve Your Metabolism

Don’t listen to the Internet. There’s no such thing as a miracle calorie-burning food that will allow you to vegetate on the couch while melting off the pounds. If there were, gyms would go out of business instantly. According to registered dietitian Ellie Krieger, however, there are a few things that can help one’s metabolism […]

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8 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health

From vitamin deficiencies to thyroid issues, your feet can tell you a lot more about your health than you might expect. Read on for some of the things our feet say about our overall health. 1. Hairlessness You don’t have to look like a hobbit by any means, but a complete lack of hair on […]

Excerpt from http://www.care2.com/greenliving/8-things-your-feet-say-about-your-health.html

What You Should Know About Birth Control When You Have a Disability

, People with disabilities have sex! Contrary to what society may assume, the reality is that, as human beings, most of us are going to find a way to get it on whatever our ability status. And if you’re getting it on and unplanned pregnancy could be a concern for you, birth control is always […]

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