I take 40mgfurosemide,1aday 50mghydrochlorothiazide,oneday12.5 more of them.This helped me and i hadnt had an episode The min the doctookme of furosemide and changed my other med to just 30 25mg i had an attack swollenweightgainpainpleasegivemeadvice

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7 Reasons You Should Start Strength Training

Hitting the treadmill is good for everything from your heart to your mood—but if you’re not also strength training on a regular basis, you’re missing out on some major health benefits. Keep reading for some amazing reasons to hit the weight room. You’ll improve your sex life Low libido? Strength training can help contribute to […]

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Proof That Salt Raises Blood Pressure

From a medical journal editor: “Like any group with vested interests, the food industry resists regulation. Faced with a growing scientific consensus that salt increases blood pressure…major food manufacturers have adopted desperate measures to try to stop governments from recommending salt reduction. Rather than reformulate their products, manufacturers have lobbied governments, refused to cooperate with […]

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8 Common Pathology Tests That Can Save You from Deadly Diseases

Sometimes we are in complete ignorance of whatever’s ailing us or our loved ones until it’s too late. The fact is that several tests can reveal the truth about our health. This age-old adage well and truly applies to preventive health tests, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Here are the eight most important pathology […]

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