11 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating More Celery and Celery Seeds

Celery is probably one of the most overlooked superfoods. While some people add chopped celery to their soup or chili or eat them as raw snacks, their healing powers are tremendously overlooked. I want to change that by showcasing celery’s true healing powers. Here are some of the best health and healing benefits of eating […]

Excerpt from https://www.care2.com/greenliving/11-surprising-health-benefits-of-eating-more-celery-and-celery-seeds.html

Research Finds These Fruits Effectively Lower High Blood Pressure

Before you pop the ABCs of hypertension drugs: ACE inhibitors, beta blockers or calcium channel blockers, you’ll want to read about a new study which found that certain fruits can help lower high blood pressure. Published in the medical journal Circulation, the study authors found that resveratrol-containing fruits can significantly lower blood pressure among people […]

Excerpt from https://www.care2.com/greenliving/research-finds-these-fruits-effectively-lower-high-blood-pressure.html