What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Coffee?

Don’t feel like yourself until you’ve had your cup of coffee? You’re certainly not the only one. Coffee can do wonders for our energy, but sometimes our dependence on it might be a wake-up call that we need to cut back. If you’re thinking about kicking your habit, here are seven things that can happen […]

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What Falling in Love Does to Your Body

When love is in the air, you might experience some unexpected changes to your body. A romantic relationship can have intense effects — both on your life and your health. Here are nine ways falling in love can impact your body. 1. Makes us ‘maddeningly’ preoccupied “Crazy in love” is actually a pretty apt description […]

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44 Ways Heavy Metals Could Be Affecting Your Health

The hat makers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries often suffered the tremors, speech problems, hallucinations and emotional instability linked to their use of mercury nitrate in the hat-making process. While mercury is no longer used in the hat industry, it is still prevalent in our society. Heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury, […]

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11 Foods to Eat if You Have High Blood Pressure

If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, you might want to consider adding some key foods to your diet. Unlike the standard drug treatment—beta blockers—the following foods work on restoring healthy blood pressure by clearing the arteries or removing plaque, rather than reducing the heart’s output of blood. Let’s face it: you might actually want […]

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13 Reasons to Start Drinking Cherry Juice Today

Tart cherry juice tastes delicious enough to drink it purely for enjoyment’s sake, but there are so many health benefits that you’ll want to drink it more often. Here are some of the reasons to start drinking cherry juice. Antioxidant Powerhouse According to the University of Michigan, one cup of freeze-dried tart cherries has an […]

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Do Infections Really Increase the Risk of Heart Attacks?

We all know that infections are linked to a whole host of problems, a few of which include: sinus congestion, skin conditions, breathing disorders, sneezing and sniffling. But, few people ever think about whether infections can increase the risk of heart disease. And, indeed, it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie rather […]

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