3 Things You Can Do to Shake the Salt Habit

The two most prominent dietary risks for death and disability in the world are not eating enough fruit and eating too much salt. Eating too little fruit kills nearly five million people every year, and eating too much salt kills four million. There are three things we can do to lower our salt intake. First, […]

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4 Natural Remedies for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction ranges anywhere from pain upon intercourse to inability to orgasm to low libido, and it’s a lot more common than you’d think. A shocking 43 percent of American women suffer with some type of sexual dysfunction. Equally as troubling, a whopping 24-37 percent of women regularly have trouble reaching orgasm. And while many women accept […]

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5 Ways to Make Sex More Mindful (and Better)

Do you know what the most powerful sexual organ in your body is? Here’s a hint: it defies gender barriers. That’s right, it’s your mind. If your mind isn’t in on the game plan, you can shower yourself in all the rose petals and chocolate-covered strawberries you want, sexual arousal will remain pretty elusive. And that […]

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